Talent philosophy

Virtue as the top priority in the selection process

The company pursues the principle of virtue as top concern during the process of selecting talent. Each employee in the company must know and observe the basic code of ethics. The talents we choose should have high cultural accomplishments and satisfactory business quality, identify with the company’s values, stand with the company through its hardships, and demonstrate qualities as conscientiousness and ambition.

Appropriate use of talent

The company pursues the principle of fair and benign competition to create a favorable platform and development potentials for talents. In terms of utilizing talent, the company does away with stereotyped and mysterious practices so that every talent can be properly utilized. Without academic and professional backgrounds as the sole standard, any qualified talent demonstrating outstanding performance can be assigned to important posts.

Survival of the fittest in retention of talent

The company works hard to create a positive cultural atmosphere and strengthen the internal harmony and cohesiveness so that talent is retained by corporate culture. The company provides talent with competitive compensation and benefits, and provides personal development and training opportunities in order to assist its staff in making continued progress and achieving maximum value in a highly challenging work environment. The company implements its performance management system of talent elimination to inspire the employees’ sense of crisis and ambition.


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